DBA Tips and Tricks scripts posted

A new zip file has been uploaded to the presentations area called  It has the scripts that I used at the October 9, 2013 meeting in the 15 min segment.  The scripts are just the first of many that I use.  Some of the scripts I wrote others are scripts that I found online.  I do not take credit for any of the scripts in this zip.



PSSUG Workshop 70-433 started 11/21/11

Alex and I started the new workshop for SQL 2008 Database Development.  Our first seesion was on data types and basic tables and views.  The current course plan will take about 10 months with 2 session a month.

We do record the session and post them.  They can be found at this link.


PhillyDotNet Code Camp 10/16/2011

I gave my first SQL Bouncer presentation at PhillyDotNet Code Camp 10/16/2011.

The presentation is now posted in the Presentations section now.


SQL Bouncer created

Ok most pepole did not like my old site and could not find it.  So I am starting out again and creating SQL Bouncer.

Why Bouncer?  Well it is a project I have been working on and I check and I could get the URL.  It easy to remember and find.

I am working on geting my old blogs moved over and will be adding new ones soon.  Also the SQL Bouncer source code will be posted here soon.


 Said Salomon